Atlanta Remodeling

Newsletter :: Issue 15


With an overwhelming amount of home remodeling, building and design information to sift through online, we wanted to share just a few of the resources that we would recommend first:

Fine Homebuilding - this site provides some of the best technical advice and how-to guides that you can find. The contributors are real experts, and you can get information on best practices for just about any aspect of home construction that you can think of.

Green Building Advisor - we find that this site has the most trustworthy, well-researched and boiled down information on all things Green. There is a lot of content about Green building on the Web, but a lot of it is just fluff, and not supported by any real research or data. GBA strips away the fluff, and provides real information rooted in technical analysis.

Houzz - far from a technical resource, Houzz mainly serves as inspiration for clients thinking about improving their homes. It has an enormous database of pictures that are submitted by people all over the world, it's all categorized, and it allows users to search for particular design elements that they are considering. Very user friendly.

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