Heading into a major home remodeling project, it is natural to be concerned about becoming involved in one of those 'contractor nightmare' stories that have become all too common. Red Level Renovations is structured around core processes and principles that ensure your home renovation experience will be an enjoyable one, and that the end result will be a home that you truly love.

Reasonable Contracts and Schedules

Before construction begins Red Level will present a Final Contract which includes a detailed description of the work to be performed, final construction drawings, material selections/allowances and a payment schedule. Once Red Level and the homeowner sign this document, these become the conditions of construction and only a change requested by the homeowner or severe undiscovered conditions can change them. The contract pricing structure can be either fixed price or "cost plus". While some projects are unpredictable enough that a cost-plus contract is appropriate, we almost always work under a fixed price agreement. We're able to arrive at a fixed price by being exhaustive in our evaluation of the existing conditions, and putting in the time to adequately detail the scope of work and project specifications. We will talk to you about which structure makes the most sense for your project, but avoiding surprises is as important to us as it is to you.

Skilled Craftsmen

Red Level Renovations hires only the most skilled and experienced craftsmen in Atlanta. We offer competitive pricing by managing jobs very efficiently and keeping overhead low, not by cutting corners on quality. You can expect that the workers who show up on your job site will be exceptional at their trades, and will also show a great amount of respect for you, your family and your home.

Personal Client Websites

Large custom construction projects have lots of moving parts, and lots of involved parts, so we use a web-based project management software product to help keep everyone on the same page. The service is a secure, easy-to-use website that allows clients to make selection decisions, approve change orders, reply to messages, check progress information, review project files, track project finances, etc. All of the information is kept in one place, and can be accessed by a computer or mobile device.

Project Walkthroughs

Based on the nature and extent of the work, between 2 and 8 detailed walkthroughs will be scheduled during your project. These walkthroughs will involve a member of the Red Level management team and the homeowner, and are designed to ensure that all expectations are being met and that any changes that the homeowner may desire are identified as early as possible.

Livable Job Sites

On the majority of our projects, it is necessary for the clients to move out of the house for the duration of the project. The work is simply too invasive for someone to live through comfortably for any significant period of time. If the project is such that you can remain in the home for all or some of the project, we will make the house as livable and comfortable as possible. You will know well in advance if a temporary relocation of your family or belongings is necessary and we will do everything we can to make sure those phases of the project are as short and painless as they possibly can be. In either case, the job site will be kept clean and non-smoking for the duration of the project.